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    Hansi Talks On Getting What We All Want…

    Maine Winter Sports Center Single Track

    Sometimes we think we “deserve” something, but the truth is, it all must be worked for. Hansi Johnson is probably the hardest working of them all, devoting a huge part of his life to mountain bikers, and now going further to give even more to all outdoor sports enthusiasts around Duluth. He knows the path to being a successful advocate, and he recently posted a little bit about the compromise that goes into getting what we want.

    Compromise: The fine art of giving and taking from an advocate’s perspective on Universal Klister

    Fatbiking Brings Some Good Trail Recognition To The Upper Midwest


    photo courtesy of Chris Young from New Moon in Hayward, WI

    photo courtesy of Chris Young from New Moon in Hayward, WI

    We all know a little secret – mountain biking in the upper Midwest is some of the best anywhere. In the past, we never received recognition for that, but the times, they are changing. The massive trailbuilding efforts by our local orgs has helped give national attention to places like Copper Harbor, Duluth and CAMBA.

    Fatbiking has been a hidden gem though, with the popularity of the sport also highlighting the expansive network we have.

    This great article on Singletracks shows off 3 of my favorite trails, and gives recognition to the hard work of those out there grooming the singletrack so we can all ride 12 months a year.  Check it out!

    The 10 Best Fat Biking Trails on Singletracks

    What Is The Green Tunnel?

    2014-05-17 13.43.16

    Welcome to The Green Tunnel. I cannot recall, but last summer, I read an article about the upper Midwest’s excellent riding in a national publication, and the writer described it as “riding through a green tunnel”. It resonated with me, because although I have ridden a mountain bike around the world, there is nothing like the excellent singletrack we have.

    Having worked in the cycling industry for about 17 years now, I know firsthand that there is a ton of energy dedicated towards the gear. Although the gear is only a means to an end, we tend to concentrate on it. Don’t get me wrong, I love it too, and it has kept me employed for a very long time. I wonder what it would be like to put that much energy into making riding better…